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Aveda spreads positivity by using only Earth-friendly ingredients and practices to make their beauty products, so you can feel good about looking great.

Join them by sharing your good vibes with the world.

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In Store

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The Good Karma Exchange

Bring in the unused and unwanted beauty products infecting your cabinet with bad vibes.  Aveda will recycle the containers and you'll get "Karma Points" towards your purchase of the Care Collection.

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Beauty websites and blogs will feature articles about the Good Karma Exchange driving viewers to

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In Store Sampling

When guests check out, customizable sample packets will be available for them to pass the good vibes on to their friends.

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In Store Gift

Guests who purchase the entire Care Collection will receive a Good Vibes Only tote.  A must have for festival season.

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Online Purchasing

Aveda will create a package that includes the products you ordered as well as sample packets, so you can share the good vibes with a friend.

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Social Postcards

On, visitors will be able to send friends digital postcards with a positive message and a 15% discount on the featured product.  These postcards will be shared on the receiver's social feed. 

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A mood ring for your face.  The Good Vibes Only filter will capture your vibe so you can share, send, and compare with your friends.

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Copywriter: Tom Daley

Art Directors: Arthur Jung, John Spinnenweber

Creative Directors: Fede Garcia, Sara Worthington