Student Work

Viceland is the channel that goes where you shouldn't to get the stories you can't.  



Civic Engagement: Inside Story

Viceland is proof that people with a rough past have the best stories.  That’s why we’re launching the Inside Story program, to sponsor writing and journalism courses for inmates.

Our program will give inmates a constructive way to channel their energy while doing time, help them work through their experiences, and give them a usable skill for when they get out.

Exceptional writers and pieces of work created through Inside Story will be featured on Viceland.

Social App: Viceland Live

See the story through the eyes of those living the story.

As major events unfold, participants on the ground will use the app to submit their videos to Viceland. 

The best content will be edited together and streamed on Viceland's social media outlets with knowledgeable commentary from Viceland personalities.

Virtual Reality Activation

VLND VR is not pretty dolphins and nature. It's an immersive look at some of the heart-pounding and dangerous stories featured on VICELAND.


Popping up on college campuses, VLND VR allows students a chance to step inside issues they care about in more authentic ways. Conducted on platforms that rumble and move, VLND VR is a heightened experience that makes viewers feel like they are truly there.

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VR Storyline: "Illegally Crossing the US-Mexico Border"

"Experience fear, hope, and endless determination as you join a group of illegal immigrants braving the dangerous journey across the US - Mexico border."  


Copywriter: Tom Daley

Art Director: Chris Lumain