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How do you get through to politicians stuck in the past when calls and emails haven't worked?

Use technology as outdated as their laws.

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The Facts

The Facts Machine was designed to educate people about NY's outdated abortion laws from 1970, and give them a way to take action in support of women's reproductive rights.

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Live streamed on Facebook and Instagram, it printed the facts about NY's abortion laws for the last 1,970 minutes (33 Hours) of NY's legislative session. 

By texting the number on the screen, people could send a fax to state representatives demanding they support the new Reproductive Health Act.




This is the fax that was sent to representatives' offices.

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A follow up text was sent encouraging participants to share the site with others.

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The Facts Machine got over 50,000 views and the legislators' offices in Albany were flooded with over 6,000 faxes.

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Care about the reproductive rights of New Yorkers?  The number still works.

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Copywriter: Tom Daley

Art Directors: Arthur Jung, John Spinnenweber

Creative Technologist: Melanie Bossert

Creative Directors: Armando Flores, Sara Worthington