Every year, thousands of cyclists are injured in crashes that can lead to paralysis and death. 

Using wearable technology, we have designed a product that can protect against the worst of these injuries.

Introducing Spondy: Flexible Spine Protection

Made of Lightweight Materials

Spondy is designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear under an over-shirt or jacket.  

Cyclists will be able to ride safely without sacrificing comfort or style.

Electro-Laminate Fabric Technology

This fabric is a technological material that is normally pliable, but immediately turns rigid when an electrical current is run through it.

The hardened backing protects the spine against impact and other injuries in the case of a crash.

Crash Recognition Algorithm

Spondy's smart crash sensor uses an algorithm to recognize movements that indicate a bicycle crash.

When a crash is detected, the sensor instantly sends an electric current activating the electro-laminate fabric.

Copywriter: Tom Daley

Art Directors: Josh Gerghel, Chris Lumain