The Weizmann's brand was created for a green butanol producer based in Ashland, VA. Their first B2C product was a lighter fluid that we named Flame Food.

Our challenge was to represent the benefits of an all natural lighter fluid while avoiding the negative effects of "greenwashing."  We focused on the difference it makes in your food's taste.




Out of Home

Weizmann's can take Grillightenment on the road to various outdoor events allowing people to smell and taste the difference for themselves.

Product Design

It's not lighter fluid.  It's Flame Food.  Our label was designed to 

Product Extensions

These are examples of other products that could live comfortably under the Weizmann's brand.


We designed a website where people can learn about and order Weizmann's products.

*Everything shown on this page, including the names "Weizmann's" and "Flame Food," is original work created for the client.  The real client asked not to be named. 

Copywriters: Tom Daley, Lizzy Hopkinson

Art Directors: Chris Lumain, Jasmine McCrae

Experience Design: Mason Brown

Strategy: Melanie Thompson

Creative Business Management: Lindsay Wade