Technology is changing the way that we experience music.  More people are listening than ever before, but more people are listening alone.

What if in addition to bringing people music, Spotify could bring people together?

Introducing Spotify Jam: Listen Together

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Spotify Jam Overview

Spotify Jam allows you to listen in real-time with any other Spotify user, whether they're in the same room or on the other side of the country.

By joining a Jam or starting your own, you can collaborate to make a playlist and chat about the songs that are played.

Jam Session Interface

The interface allows you to easily swipe between Jams, so you can find whose groove is working for you.

Once you have joined a Jam, you can see what songs are queued up, up vote songs you love, and chat with other members of the Jam.  

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed will be the centerpiece of Spotify's new social service.  It is here that you will be able to access your user profile, launch a Jam, or join a friend's Jam.

Here is also where you can check out what your friends are listening to.  If you like what they're playing, give them a thumbs up.  


Celebrity Jam

Imagine having a listening party with Chance The Rapper and a million other of his biggest fans. 

Special Celebrity Jams would give music fans the chance to share an experience with their favorite artists, and would be an awesome way for artists to preview new music. 

Opportunities for Businesses

Businesses will be able to host their own Jams, giving customers input on the music while they are present.

When a Spotify user is within the proximity of one of these businesses, the Jam will appear in their Activity Feed.

This feature would be perfect for bowling alleys, coffee shops, and skating rinks.

Copywriters: Tom Daley, Caroline Gallalee, Richard Weichel, Lizzy Hopkinson

Experience Designer: Hunter Noxon